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Our Experience

Summary of experience:

Over 30 years of experience covers

  • Project Management, Construction, Contracting & Procurement.
  • Industry sectors covered includes Commercial construction, Chemical Installations, and the Oil & Gas
  • Geography covered includes USA, Mid East, Subcontinent and Africa.
  • Commercial building work includes:or and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

                          • Project management of nine story office complex
                          • Project management and Construction of a Five Star resort hotel
                          • Project management for refurbishing and commissioning of a ten story office.
                          • Operationalization of a four story office complex.

  • Work in the Oil and Gas Industry includes:

                           • Program/Project management for 300 gas stations

                           • Program/Project management of fourteen bulk oil installations

                           • Program/Project management of six blending plants

  • Contracting and Procurement experience ranges from small services to EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) contracts for billion plus dollar Contracts.
  • Corporate Real Estate work includes:

                            • Space planning

                            • Portfolio planning

                            • Disposal of estates

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Degrees in

                            • Civil engineering,
                            • Construction management,
                            • Law,
                            • Business.

  • Certification in Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR)

Project Services & Resources LLC